Sambo is a Russian martial art. Sambo is a brand new combat series that you can use on the Soviet Red website in the nineteenth century

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Viktor Spiridonov and Vasily Oshchepkov set up military bases in Sambo. Using the two suggested methods, it is possible

And they called it sambo, which is a short name for a Russian word for “unlimited weapons.” Oshchepkov in Japan We see judo under the supervision of Jiguro Kano Bonyanat

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Anatoly Kharlampiev, one of Oshchepkov’s budget students, is often referred to as the founder of the Sambo decision. The collection was added in 193 as a list of sports visits

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Sambo styles

Combat Sambo (Fighting Sambo)

Among the models of Sambo styles, Kambo Sambo, you can add violence is also included in the observations. This personal style for any kind of feature

And survival is enough to seize the opportunity. This style is most needed to find the location of the roads and you can download it for free to watch the ad service

It uses a variety of aggressive techniques such as customer selection, kicking, elbow, knee, server and other kicks. In Russia the Russian style of sambo sambo

Use it as a training exercise for close access and protection. This style of phone call comes with a personal sambo sport and sambo character

It has its own methods and techniques. In the combo style of sambo, very dangerous techniques that are in other styles and can use the forbidden sport.

It’s stress. Fighters of this style are from Sambo style light clothing and Sambo gloves and from chest and server protector.

Sambo Sport (Sambo Sport)

Sport Sambo can be distinguished from throwing techniques, power and engagement on the ground and joint locks and similarity can be separated by free shipping or judo.

Allowing clothing, rules and protocols. For example, unlike judo, in this style of sambo, all kinds of locks except the suffocation mode are easily and

There are far fewer limitations to technology.

Free Sambo (Free Sambo)

Sambo Azad was built in 2004 by the Sambo Visual Association and has been added to the style of this sports complex. This style is defined in terms of this rule

Other styles can be allowed, and you can read Australia by pressing on the neck and neck locks with your feet.

Guest focus

Personal personal sambo (personal defense sambo)

This style is mostly used to protect yourself against any choice of armed or unarmed list. There is a personal resemblance to Giojitsu and more

Designed to teach self-service to bank employees and women to support themselves.


Sambo is a full-fledged Australian-sports war that you can read about the shortcomings of other ministers and commanders. Sambo only to provide services

A war with a proposed plan, but today it has seen the desired sport for young people with the appearance and appearance of mma.

The Sanda Wushu can be a resemblance to the Sambo, with the theme that you can continue to be present in the country.

This sport is unfortunate in Iran, and the professors in this anonymous field are ashamed of the day when there is another opportunity to say something in this sport.

Iran Sambo